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My Philosophy/Approach

I am an Illinois state licensed clinical psychologist. I work with adults in individual, couples, and group counseling sessions. In my practice, I welcome a diverse range of clients from different ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations. I have over 15 years of experience working with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, traumatic/abuse histories, women’s issues, job stress, grief, and marital problems.

I believe strongly in providing a nurturing, safe, and confidential atmosphere for people to explore their thoughts and feelings. We will be working together at your pace to clearly identify the issues that are affecting your well-being and happiness. I find that it is often useful for us to spend some time reviewing your history and the important events that have led to your current situation (usually 1 to 2 sessions but maybe more depending on your history). From this information, we will be able to develop next steps and goals so that you can move toward finding relief from your problems.

In my approach to therapy, I emphasize using techniques that are supported by research. Often we will be examining thinking styles or long held belief systems that may be contributing to your unhappiness or feelings of anxiety. If appropriate, we may incorporate visualization and relaxation techniques into our work together. These types of techniques not only can help you reach your goals with more clarity and efficiency, but they are tools that you can use for a lifetime, long after the therapy sessions have ended.

I am also a trained provider in the treatment technique of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This type of therapeutic approach is often used to target traumatic or upsetting memories that may be interfering with optimal functioning in the present. For more information about the technique, please visit the website www.emdria.org.

I am a trained provider in the use of Emotion Focused Therapy(EFT) in couples counseling. This approach emphasizes identifying the dysfunctional patterns that may have developed in a relationship and helping each partner identify the steps they need to take in changing the relationship. For more information about this technique, please visit the website www.iceeft.com.



My Professional Background


I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northern Illinois University and completed my clinical internship at Hines VAMC, both approved by the American Psychological Association for training in clinical psychology. I have over 15 years experience as a licensed clinical psychologist. Through the years, I have had the honor of being appointed to high-ranking positions that have allowed me to develop and implement treatment and training programs throughout the state of Illinois. I am the former Chief of Mental Health and Psychiatric Services for the Illinois Department of Corrections. In this capacity, I oversaw the implementation of psychological services at over 40 prisons in Illinois and worked hard to advocate for a high standard of care for all clients. I also served as the Director of Argosy University-Schaumburg’s Correctional Psychology Training Program. I was able to teach and closely supervise students as they completed their final year of training before becoming a doctor.

My professional experiences have allowed me to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of how to work effectively with diverse types of people in diverse circumstances. These experiences have allowed me to hone my abilities in identifying issues quickly and accurately and then working methodically with others toward successful outcomes.



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